Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Cards Are Here!

Comrades. It has come to my attention that acquiring a million followers in my pack may not be enough to take over the world. Apparently I also need ignorant biped money. I have expenses. Say what? ... Yes, they're necessary expenses....Well, rawhide bones are necessary. I have to keep my strength up. Ya, ya, balls are expensive. And how the hell do you expect anybody to function without sirloin tip roasts?

So I have put together a little fundraiser. Supposedly Christmas is a time when the ignorant bipeds not only worship their gods but also gather together to eat feasts, bitch about shopping and rituals and give each other useless stuff. It's sentimental and the bipeds are therefore suckers for sentiment at this time of year.

Therefore in the spirit of sentiment and mush I am proud to present...

The MikeyTheBrat Christmas Card!

You can buy a package of 10 with envelopes for just $2.99 or 299 dead squirrels. To order click here:
Mikey's Christmas Cards