Monday, November 8, 2010

Dogs in Biped Clothing

Comrades, as I travel about my fair city, albeit shackled and controlled by the ignorant biped bitch, I am witnessing a terrible sight. Dogs in biped clothing. At first, I did not realize they were in fact dogs. I assumed they were some sort of horrific twisted hybrid of biped and fur-bearing mammal. I chose to attack them whenever I could, as they seemed bent on attacking me, no matter that they weighed 2 1/2 pounds and I, 75. They're always right at the end of those retractable leashes where their biped handler cannot control them. Snarling, growling, thrashing about. I assumed the biped bitch would appreciate me murdering the annoying little fuckers but such was not the case. I was severely reprimanded for said gesture of kindness. (Damn I hate ignorant bipeds!)

Anyway, since I've been walking about and no longer in attack mode I came to the horrible realization that these small creatures wearing sweaters were actually dogs! Now I feel bad for resorting to dogicide. Sorry guys. But in the same breath...dudes! WTF??? ....


Do y'all know ya look completely dogtarded?

If some ignorant biped tried to get a sweater on me I would snarl and growl and bark and bear my teeth and....what's that? .....well, yes, I guess I have tried to do that before. I believe it was an incident with being muddy and a towel touching my wiener. I really don't like that. Yes, I know. I got into deep dippity-do for it. Incarcerated for a time as I recall. BUT NEVER AGAIN DID THEY TRY TO....okay, well.....look - shut up Dumbass! I have an image to maintain yaknow. Geesh!

What's that Dumbass? Before I log out of the computer you want to share an image with my followers? Whatever dude. I'm going to hunt for squirrels.

Kkkkkkk! Shh!
~ Guinness.