Monday, January 24, 2011

Mikey's Top 10 Things That Drool

#10     Food rationing. As in give us the WHOLE chicken, not just the neck and back, you fuckers.

#9       Incarceration while bipeds entertain dinner guests. DINNER guests are for eating, no?

#8       Stupid Labrador Retrievers. We GSDs can mooch and beg without so much as a drop.

#7       Chains and tethers while on walks. Allow us to run free to eat cats, mailmen and kids.

#6       Fox News. (I have yet to see a fox on there, let alone any news of where they may have been spotted.) Ya, no, Dumbass. Sarah Palin does not count.

#5       Doggie "treats." A treat would be an entire water buffalo. Those miniscule fractions of something's liver are a joke.

#4       iPhone-wannabe Android pieces of shit.

#3       Cats.

#2       Veteren-Aryans conducting Nazi experiments on dogs such as CASTRATION.

#1       Ignorant bipeds who shoot, blow up, or otherwise destroy EACH OTHER. You would never catch a dog doing that. Well, ok but it was just the once. Dude. It was a Yorkshire terrier. How was I supposed to know it wasn't meant to be eaten with roast beef and gravy? Besides, I mistook it for a cat.