Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If it isn't bad enough I must put up with the likes of Dumbass day in and day out, doesn't the ignorant yuppie biped go off to Florida and leave SHITHEAD here for me to contend with.

             (This is Shithead)

The Shithead is 3 years old, yet his moosh looks like a puppy 24/7.  He also has a perma-pout on his face, which means the ignorant bipeds are suckers for whatever he wants. He runs under my belly when I'm trying to catch him and .... um....kill him. It's very annoying.

He pulls his biggest, poutiest puppy mug and the bald lardass biped melts like liver treats in the sun. "Whatssamater Rogue? Is Mikey being mean to you? Come on up here on my lap."


What is he - a cat? Dogs do not sit on ignorant bipeds' laps. This is why cats were invented by Dog Almighty in the first place. Dogs, on the other hand, were created to chase sheep and other small prey such as rats, birds or preschoolers -  and kill and eat them. Also to take over the local Arby's and pig out on beef and eventually take over the world and rule it.

But that is tomorrow. Right now I am writing this in solitary. Apparently the poor widdo Shithead can't take being picked up and shaken like the stuffed animal they gave me last week. How exactly was I supposed to know that? Bipeds. Sheesh!

Oh ya, and get this. The stupid little Shithead thinks Dumbass is his GIRLFRIEND. hahahahaha! Not only does the miniscule idiot not have any kahoonies, but she's had her....er.....girly parts untimely ripped. So I say "good frickin' luck Shithead! Thanks for comin' out!"

Check out the antics of the fool. He tries mating her; I intervene by beating her up for him; she escapes; he steals a kiss at the end. What a Shithead!