Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letters from Prison

The ignorant bipeds are unawares of my covert activities as they are engrossed in watching the FIFA final. Pfffft! The stupid bipeds playing that game don't even realize they can sink their teeth into that ball, shake the shit out of it and render it useless for anything else.

Haven't been blogging lately as I was incarcerated in the state pen, along with Dumbass, for some crime called...
...."the wedding." Thankfully, when I was released, the number of bipeds in the den was decreased by two due to something called "the honeymoon."  The state pen rationed my food like any other group of bipeds, although they offered me cookies. I was smart enough not to take the bribe. Dumbass, however, scarfed them back like they were cocktail squirrels. Stockholm syndrome much?  Oh well....then she crapped herself into next week. bmao!

I have been acquiring followers steadily but seem to have leveled off at 1500 or so. My goal is 2000 by the end of the week. And now....I have finally named my army of canines and felines who will join me in taking over the world from the ignorant bipeds.....(wait for it)....DOGFORCE! (Spelled always in ALL CAPS)

Once DOGFORCE succeeds in our efforts to stage a hostile takeover of the biped world we will also own FIFA and WIMBLEDON and show those dumb fuckers what balls are really for. Canines and felines of the world unite! DOGFORCE!