Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Plan

The revolution is going well. I now have over 1200 followers. This should be enough to bring down all of the bipeds who frequent MY park behind the den. Dumbass can create a diversion by wagging her tail at all the bipeds in the park and jumping for joy as she so stupidly does every day we're out there.

Here's how it should go....
...every day around 6 pm the lardass biped throws a small round prey object for me by means of a red plastic artificial limb. I must confess, comrades, it is rather enjoyable to chase after the thing, pound my teeth into it and return it to him again. He does not allow me to destroy it and eat it, however....which would be far more enjoyable. I digress. So here's the plan: when lardass throws the object he lets me free from the leash. I shall run away around the corner and meet you all. The cats can fly into the eyes of the bipeds while the dogs terrorize the small bipeds who swing and climb on man-made objects.