Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Comrades, I know that I have been gathering followers steadily over the past few weeks and indeed this is my goal. Twitter followers. Cyber-followers if you will. But up until now, I have been blessed by having the den mainly to myself and Dumbass. However last Saturday changed all that...

...the yuppie biped arrived at our den with this idiot: 

He calls him "Rogue" however I have aptly renamed him "Shithead"  Shithead is supposedly a purebred animal. What purpose he was ever bred for is a mystery to me. They call him a "French Bulldog" - ROTFBMAO!! HA HA HA! French maybe and Bull for sure but dog is where the bull comes in. Hence bullshit - thus - shithead.

The yuppie biped claims he has the "power" of a bulldog and was bred for his small size. In the show ring they call these "non-sporting" dogs which basically means "non-herding, non-retrieving, non-working, non-everything" or as I would call them, simply:

That's MY bed he's laying on, by the way. I am restrained by the bald lardass biped while Dumbass is allowed to play stupidly with the Shithead. "Mikey you be nice to Rogue" says the bitch biped. Nice? NIIIIICE?  What the hell is that supposed to mean? What exactly is "nice" in dog terms? Does this mean "don't eat him" or just "don't eat him while we're around?"

Gah! The French should have stuck to fries and toast.     FML!