Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why I Hate Religious Nutcases

Recently our den has been overrun by a stupid religious nutcase. I don't know his name, but I'm told he's some sort of monk. Who eats potatoes in one form or another - either dried out and put into bags with barbeque salt or else deep-fried in England. No matter.

I'm just sick and tired of putting up with him. These religious nuts think they can move in and take over and there's nothing you can do about it. We didn't ask him into our den and we didn't expect he would take over with all the other nutballs whose philosophical-theological perspective is for the birds.

The worst thing is when they drop their evil seeds which sprout and grow into new (and stupid) ideas in the minds and yards of the weak-minded such as Dumbass and Shithead. Just this morning I saw the two of them completely engrossed in this monk's chatter. Staring at him like he was Dog Almighty himself. WTF.

I mean, it's fine for him to be a nutball but why does he have to impose himself on other people who are more open-minded like myself? Libertarian-Retrievers and such. And encroach on our space. The simple truth is: you don't want these nutballs to get their teeth and claws into you. There's no looking back. Before long you're just hiding in a corner licking your wounds.

MikeyTheBrat stands for much higher values, such as an end to capital punishment and castration, a bitch's right to choose, and the Colbert Super-Pac. So piss off, nutball. Go peddle your religion somewhere else.

~ 11752