Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Comrades, I know that I have been gathering followers steadily over the past few weeks and indeed this is my goal. Twitter followers. Cyber-followers if you will. But up until now, I have been blessed by having the den mainly to myself and Dumbass. However last Saturday changed all that...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh Shit-z-hund!

This past week has entailed a major setback in my plans. One of my biped oppressors (the bitch) is now at home in our den 24/7. She apparently quit her day-job to become "a writer." ROTFBMAO!

Despite her futile attempt at making a living doing this, her presence nevertheless makes it all-the-more difficult to plot the ignorant bipeds' demise.  Equally impossible now are many of my leisure activities such as: jump the fence, beat up Dumbass, chew camera lenses, terrorize cats, dig holes or even so much as look at the preschool kids in the field behind the fence - let alone drool over them while wearing a large bib and brandishing a knife and fork. Geez....those bipeds are testy!

To make matters worse...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letters from Prison

The ignorant bipeds are unawares of my covert activities as they are engrossed in watching the FIFA final. Pfffft! The stupid bipeds playing that game don't even realize they can sink their teeth into that ball, shake the shit out of it and render it useless for anything else.

Haven't been blogging lately as I was incarcerated in the state pen, along with Dumbass, for some crime called...