Sunday, April 10, 2011

Packing it in

Finally, after a long FREEZING COLD winter the yuppie bitch biped is packing up our stuff and getting us the hell outa Dodge. Well, Edmonton. If you're not Canadian, Edmonton is known as the armpit of the west. Okay so I made that up cuz it STINKS here. Not in the olfactory sense of the word; in the it-stinks-to-be-here sense of the word. The only good thing about it is the snow. Fun stuff, I gotta admit. Not so much for the yuppie bitch biped bein' as it snows from October til now. One night it was like 50 degrees below zero. Celcius, Farenheit, same thing at that temperature.

Wednesday I shall be incarcerated and taken once again on prisoner transport to Vancouver. We'll probably fly again in the belly of the big tin bird. When we get there the ignorant biped bitch will pick us up. Once again, I plan to bust out of the cage at the airport and jump all over her. If possible I will jump on top of her head. I do this NOT because I am happy and excited to see her after four months. I am never happy or excited to see an ignorant biped. Death to the ignorant bipeds. It is merely a matter the proper exercise after being cooped up.

The first thing I will do upon reaching my old den is to growl at Dumbass until she pisses herself. This is hilarious and works every time! Last week she just sniffed my presence on the male yuppie biped's pants and pissed herself. hahahahahha! Just wait til I get there. My second order of business will be to eat that Satanic cat. After a satisfying belch I will begin to plot our next hostile biped takeover. Stay tuned.