Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today the ignorant bipeds locked me in solitary confinement. Dumbass was allowed to roam free in the den. Their lame excuse was...
...that she doesn't spread garbage over the living room and eat the tinfoil wrappers on butter. And she didn't rip a hole in my head guarding two banana peels and a pizza crust. Whatever.

I made sure I snarled at the bald lardass biped on my way into the cell. Dumbass just runs in there when he says the word "crate!" What a complete moron. Allowing the bipeds to become your pack leader is such stupidity. The bipeds must be erradicated!

Being imprisoned left me more time to plot their demise. I now have 350 followers in my pack. According to my algorithm this should increase exponentially and I will soon have one huge dogpoo bagload of followers. Then we take them by surprise. We meet in the field behind my house and begin with the hamburger joints. Dumbass will do the Starbucks run.